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the river - where life's streams combine

a Christian space for the 'spiritual-but-not-religious',

                    for seekers and settlers, solitaries and the connected,

for cynics and believers, deep-thinkers and deep-feelers,

                    for alternatives, rockers, musos and creatives,

for the rejected, the rebels and the raw,

                    for the don't-like-church and the post-happy-clappy...



The River runs in three streams:

  • Our relationship with God - we share a spiritual rhythm apart and together.
  • Our relationships with each other - we connect to explore, experience and enjoy the ancient mysteries and the renewal of life offered by the Christian faith, and to journey alongside each other in life's ups and downs under God's grace and love.
  • Our relationship to the world - we take action where we can together to stand for peace and justice in a hurting world and to care for our beautiful Earth and all those we share it with.
You are most welcome