Children and Young People

Children and young people are a vital part of The River.

We want our children and young people to know their value and significance to their Heavenly Father and for them to become all that He wants them to be. We believe there is no restriction to Holy Spirit dependent on age and encourage our children and young people to grow in maturity in their faith, sensitivity to Holy Spirit and the Spiritual gifts they have been given.

Our children and young people have the opportunity, in their different contexts, to get to know their Father God through Biblically based teaching, opportunities for discussion, encountering Him personally and listening to Holy Spirit.

All the sessions are fun, lively and engaging, often with games, drama, story telling, craft, memory verses and food! Our children and young people particularly enjoy making use of the facilities in the Youth Centre which is part of North Avenue Christian Centre.

Most Sunday mornings, our children (age 4–11) join us for the first part of the meeting then leave part way through for their group.

Our young people, Wildfire (age 11–16), will currently leave our Sunday morning meeting for their own group monthly and also meet fortnightly on a Sunday evening from 6pm in the youth centre.

youth playing pool